About me

I was born in Cracow in June 1963. My education and professional life (until 2001) have always been linked to that city.

My real “life passion” has always been film production, especially for the polish national television TVP S.A., in which I worked just after graduating from college, in autumn 1986. I then worked for this channel (TVP) for 20 years.

My knowledge and my experiences are focussed on two spheres: culture (especially music) and international affairs:

I worked as foreign correspondent for polish TV channels such as TVPolsat and TVP, for the polish newspaper Dziennik Polski. I also worked as an independent producer-journalist for the audiovisual service of the European commission (EBS). Finally, I worked as Head of the department for International cooperation and trade.

I can legitimately claim the largest number of musical programmes in Poland, all of them having been produced for the polish television.

My specialisation in the musical world comes from the fact that I have a musical experience too.